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hook allows performing actions after a database transaction is successfully committed.

This is useful for tasks such as sending notification emails, creating queued tasks, or invalidating caches.

This functionality from the django-transaction-hooks package has been integrated into Django.

The validation is integrated in the included password change and reset forms and is simple to integrate in any other code.

Validation is performed by one or more validators, configured in the new setting.

Four validators are included in Django, which can enforce a minimum length, compare the password to the user’s attributes like their name, ensure passwords aren’t entirely numeric, or check against an included list of common passwords.

You can combine multiple validators, and some validators have custom configuration options.

For example, you can choose to provide a custom list of common passwords.

Each validator provides a help text to explain its requirements to the user.

By default, no validation is performed and all passwords are accepted, so if you don’t set for class-based views.

These mixins have been taken from, or are at least inspired by, the django-braces project.

There are a few differences between Django’s and django-braces’ implementation, though: The admin sports a modern, flat design with new SVG icons which look perfect on Hi DPI screens.

It still provides a fully-functional experience to YUI’s A-grade browsers.

Older browser may experience varying levels of graceful degradation.


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