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El Chapo — who was re-captured earlier this year after having escaped from prison nearly a year ago — is worlds away from his most recent exploits involving an infamous meeting with the actor; today, the kingpin is sitting in a If you've ever had a bitter breakup, than you know how Charlize Theron must feel right now.

While the actress mainly posed with other members of the cast, she was ultimately forced into a group photo with her ex. looks like she wants to get the f*ck out of there ASAP.

Luckily for the beauty, her costars created some distance between her and Sean. Way to help out a girl in need, Javier Bardem and Adèle Exarchopoulos! We can't even help but notice that the momma's head is tilted away from the poppa — the shade is real, y'all! we guess that interview in which the blonde claimed there was no bad blood in her split was a lie. Somehow amidst all the awkwardness (the two did NOT speak), the celeb managed to look FLAWLESS the entire time.

We're loving her pale pink dress perfectly tousled hair, and bold lip! P.'s $10 million dollar defamation lawsuit, he decided to settle the case with an apology letter in addition to a donation to the actor's Haitian relief organization.

Related: Is This A Terrence Howard Quote Or Made Up Nonsense!? According to legal docs, the company played "a key role in the resurgence of Howard's career" and gave him "professional, personal and other advice and career guidance." Although the 47-year-old thespian parted ways with them after he took the Fox role, the management company says he owes them 10% of his salary. He said, 'No, you're going to act in it.' I said no, because I'm very shy; I didn't know how to act. Theron seemingly greets Sean with open arms as they exchange pleasantries.

Interesting enough, Authentic hired lawyer Mathew Rosengart, who represented Sean Penn in the defamation lawsuit against "There are girls all over the place trying to get to him - he is one handsome fella with an incredible smile and eyes… one of those people — Sean Penn has it too — a kind of panache. He said, 'Well, you'll get paid.' So I was like, 'I'm on board.' After the first day, I fell in love with it." at Cannes on Friday, the pair got pretty affectionate and friendly at the film's premiere later that night. At one point the blonde even went as far to land a big kiss on S. To make the red carpet walk even cozier, the momma sidled up to the actor's children Dylan and Hopper Penn.

What's really surprised me is he's really witty, really funny - he really makes me laugh. From cheek kisses to Charlize posing with Penn's two kiddos, it appears these two are back on track… In one particular snap, the beauty can be seen linking arms with Hopper in an obvious gesture of good will.

It's a gift." – Oscar winner Mark Rylance on his This is just… Sean Penn loves red meat so much, he almost named his son Steak. Fortunately, the actor's son with ex Robin Wright lucked out with the name Hopper Penn. The El Lay native told the mag he was initially interested in working behind the scenes, but his dad arranged otherwise: , and I asked if I could PA for it.

Turns out, his name is also a tribute to one of Poppa Penn's idols, Dennis Hopper from . Although Sean couldn't get away with naming his son after his favorite food, the 55-year-old was able to convince Hopper to follow in his acting footsteps.

In the 22-year-old's latest spread with "My dad wanted to name me Steak, the food, because he loves it so much. What they told me is that I hopped in her stomach, I didn't kick, so they went with that." Still weird reasoning, but whatevs. Related: It Looks Like Charlize Theron & Sean Don't Hate Each Other!

We can't say we're too surprised to see the blonde acting cool with the director's kids — Dylan did gush about her poppa's former flame in the past, after all! officials — who have been planning for Guzman's extradition from Mexico to America for months — are likely planning on sending him to Brooklyn, New York, to face a federal trial on drug trafficking charges. The Mexican kingpin was indicted in 2009 on charges of conspiring to import nearly 150,000 TONS of cocaine into the United States between 19, and it seems that's the allegation Guzman will first face in America.

So, do YOU think these two are really okay or are they just putting on a show? Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's extradition to the United States has been approved, the Mexican ministry of foreign relations revealed to reporters on Friday, and the alleged drug kingpin is one step closer to facing a LONG sentence in American prison. The notorious outlaw is also facing charges in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and New Hampshire.

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