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- Response Configurations: This is where you set to which clients you will respond when you receive a PXE request.The difference between known clients and unknown is set on if the Computer Object exists in Active Directory.If you want to create the computer objects before running WDS on that computer, you should have the GUID of that computer and include that information on the computer object.

Selecting this option can be really annoying if you want to improve your deployment, because you have to add the object first in Active Directory every time you want to deploy an image, but it’s of course the more secure option to apply.

Or you can use the option “For unknown clients, notify administrator and respond after approval”.

With this option, all the unknown clients that request to boot from PXE will appear to you in“Pending Devices” on your console, from there you can approve or decline them.

Linux DHCP servers do not need to be authorized by AD. We will use the kit to create our Unattended Files for installation.

- DHCP server available and authorized by Active Directory on your network. () And if we want to create our own unattended files.

Installation To install WDS on a Windows Server 2008 you only need to add the Windows Deployment Services role from the “Add Role Wizard“.

Select the role services to install for Windows Deployment Services: Deployment Server & Transport Server.

Configuration Once installed, access the “Windows Deployment Services” snap-in.

On the console, to get started right-click on the listed server and select “Configure Server”.

Configuring the Server - After you selected the folder where you are going to store all the images for WDS, you need to check on the DHCP settings. Since I have a Microsoft-DHCP Server working on a different server from the WDS, these two options will remain unchecked.

If you have both, WDS and DHCP, on the same server you should check both options.

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