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"Sharing the same values and beliefs as your partner is a powerful predictor of happier, longer-term relationships, yet these qualities were ranked only 16th and 23rd respectively," Dr Gonzaga said.

In a nutshell, women want kind, talkative men, while it might come as no surprise that men list physical closeness higher on the priority list than women.

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Online dating has boomed in recent times and the former general manager of Australia's most popular dating site RSVP, Hannah Schwartz, said during her two years at the helm, the baby boomer clientele grew markedly in size.

"There was a great take-up and adoption across all age groups, the fastest growing group was the boomer group, over 50 to 55s," Ms Schwartz said.

Although safety is a concern with online dating, they employed strict safety controls, but Ms Schwartz said the safest bet was to take it slow.

The survey, by online dating website e au, reveals traits of friendship and chemistry came in as the top two most popular relationship ideals, heavily outranking sex appeal and physical attractiveness.

A study of nearly 150,000 romantic hopefuls found friendship rates over the sins of the flesh.

Eighty per cent of respondents listed romance and physical closeness in their top 10 of wants, while sex appeal came in 19th most important and physical attractiveness was trailing the others, ranked at 28.And it may come as a surprise for some that it's not just women who value the more traditional qualities - it seems men want them too.Both genders and all ages listed friendship and chemistry as their top two.The site's relationship and research expert Dr Gian Gonzaga says it's reassuring that Australians value friendship in relationships."Friendships provide a great foundation for long-term success," he said in a statement to AAP.Aussies aren't perfect, however, and some important qualities are being overlooked.

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