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- Meet singles prescreened for compatibility instead of just browsing personals! - If you are seeking love and want an easy way to meet local singles! The Xbox One is a powerful beast, full to the brim with exciting features and offering a store front full of top notch titles from AAA blockbusters to indies.

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But, for those of you still debating whether to buy an Xbox One, there are some key questions you may want answered first.

We've endeavoured to answer those questions for you in one handy Xbox One FAQ guide, to make sure you feel informed before you part with your cash.

Related: Xbox One vs PS4Unlike the Xbox 360, which was capable of being positioned on its side or horizontally, the Xbox One can only be placed one way.

The Xbox One has been designed to be sat horizontally, with Microsoft saying that “vertical positioning of the console is not supported”.

Other positioning tips include: Yes, through Instant-On mode.

When you first boot up your Xbox One, you’ll be offered the choice of two power-off modes – don't worry, you can change your mind later.The first is called Save Energy and it allows your Xbox One to start in 45 seconds, but you won’t be able to background download updates and you’ll have to physically press the Xbox One’s power button to turn it on. It uses a little energy in standby mode, but it automatically downloads any updates, starts up your Xbox One in 2 seconds and you can use the Kinect to turn on your Xbox One with a voice command.Related: Best Xbox One Deals If you’re wondering what you’ll get when you buy a basic Xbox One, such as whether the Xbox One comes with an HDMI cable, here’s everything you get in the box: In the box with your new Xbox One, you’ll receive the Xbox One Chat Headset. It’ll only offer you mono sound, but it does come with a microphone.The aim is to give you a quick and easy option to get chatting with your mates online straight out of the box.There are definitely better options available, though. So that means if you want to use your expensive non-gaming wireless headphones or a wireless mouse and keyboard, you’re scuppered.You’ll need to use the Xbox One Stereo Headset adapter to make any 3.5mm jack headphones compatible with the older Xbox One controllers, but the latest controllers including the Xbox One Elite Controller now feature 3.5mm jacks in the base.

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