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black on bottom of shell and white in the creases on the top shell!! i was in florida and i noticed that a gopher tortoise had black o nthe bottom of his shell and also...inbetween the shells creases on top of his shell...there … Change of tank and baby pond turtles won't open their eyes We changed our two baby pond turtles from one tank to a new set up tank and they stopped eatting and stopped opening their eyes. RESTurtle that doesnt want to swim, just bask on the dock under the light...

my 7 year old sulcata tortoise is making a coughing noise my 7 year old sulcata is making a hacking noise. she doesn't have a runny nose is eating and sleeping … she said "it would take years to make it grow" i'm excited to make it a lot more … I have a question, My RES turtle is very lathergic and stays on the basking dock practically all day and when she does go in the water she just floats …

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Now the problem is that when I had got them they were very active and not scared that much. Long Neck Turtle - sleeping, shedding skin, not eating? When my yellow belly turtle became pregnant, I was told to put turtle sand in a cat box with a bit of water for her to lay her eggs, I filled up when it … i was resently given an 8 yr old female maginated tortiose and she loves to eat romane lettes, apples, cucumbers and a small amount of red peppers but … *i was wondering if she could/can/should eat the flowers (yellowy bits) …

Hi, I have had my long neck turtle for 13 years, he has always been very active and jumps when I walk past wanting to eat. Mediteranean spur-thighed tortoise dragging back legs Our tortoise is dragging both back legs and is pulling itself along by the front ones. Russian Tortoise Beaks and Throat Breathing I have had a Russian tortoise for about 6 months now, and I just barely found out that your either supposed to clip their beaks for them or give them something … Arizona and own an 90 lbs sulcata that roams around freely in my backyard I have a metal shed that is 10 x10 that is his shelter …

To the touch they seem to have a slight pull back but not that much, … Putting common musk turtle with yellow bellied slider Well I have a common musk turtle who is about 7cm can I house a hatchling yellow belly slider with him? My turtle has white film sitting in its right eye One of my RES turtle which is 1.5 years has a kind of white film sitting in its right eye. do i need a/c for my sulcata to keep it cool in the summer? My russian tortoise eats any kind of bedding what should I use? Two of my three one-year old Desert Tortoise have just come out, just drinking a bit so far.

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How often do I feed my baby red foot tortoise I have a baby red foot tortoise he is only about 2inches I'm concerned as to how much he should be eating a day because I don't want to over feed. I FOUND A tortoise he seams health and very active FOUND A tortoise he seams health and very active. my meditaranian spur thighed tortoise is sleeping a lot My meditaranian spur thighed tortoise is in an open table top. Lenth of i Ts shell is 6.8 inches(17 cm) and width is 6 inches(15 cm). sex organ or some organ comes out while it stools I have a leopard tortoise hes about 5years old approx.

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